Solar Eclipse Photo from Laurel, NY.

Joe Malave shared this photo with us. Click on the photo to see the full size.

Joe teaches at Montauk School and is the Suffolk STANYS Section Director. The photo was taken in Laurel, NY using a Hutech modified Cannon 50D, prime focus, through a Meade Coronado P.S.T. telescope on an equatorial mount.  The photo was rendered using photo shop.  It was slightly cloudy (light haze).  The photo time was 20 minutes after the maximum extent of the eclipse, as it was too cloudy at the maximum.  Besides the moon, the photo also shows solar structures such as granulation, prominences,  sunspots, and small solar flares.

Great American Eclipse Materials

Charles Fulco, a NASA Solar System Ambassador and Education Committee co-chair of the American Astronomical Society’s 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Task Force, has shared some resources related to the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st. Read through to find some great information about the eclipse and materials for use in your classroom.

In addition, he is offering a special on eclipse glasses. Make sure you get your order in before Friday, August 11th.

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