Not too long ago, Earthies such as yourself realized that there was a lack of focus on Earth Science professional organization for New York State Earthies by Earthies. We saw states eliminating Earth science from their course offerings. As New Yorkers are well aware, we lead the nation in Earth science as a commencement level course. It is important for New York Earth Science Teachers to come together.

NYESTA Offerings

NYESTA is looking to fill the needs of the 21st century teacher. We are looking to meet the needs of both the pre-service as well as the seasoned teacher and all stages in between.

While virtual communities are valuable and have their place, meeting with and sharing best practices and talking through concerns in the classroom is invaluable.

What Does NYESTA Offer?

NYESTA holds two meetings annually. Our annual business meeting is held in conjunction with the state science teacher conference in Rochester as a registered workshop with an evening reception.

Our second meeting is a traveling meeting, being held at different locations around the state. This affords teachers the opportunity to attend a conference close to them and to also see the different aspects of our grand state. This meeting includes family friendly field trips as well as guest lecturers.


Membership is $15 per year and is open to all interested in the advancement of Earth science Education in New York.

NYESTA members must also participate in the National Earth Science Teachers Association.

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