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We did it! Our Cassini spacecraft successfully dove through the gap between Saturn and its rings – an area previously unexplored by any spacecraft! Cassini is in the process of beaming back science and engineering data collected during its passage. Until the mission ends in September, the spacecraft will make 21 more dives through this gap to collect science. Find out more: go.nasa.gov/2p7rA22

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GeoWord of the Day and its definition:

cf. (a) Used in paleontology to indicate that a specimen is very closely comparable to, but not certainly the same as, those of a named species; it implies more certain similarity than does aff. (b) Used in this glossary and other reference works to mean "compare". Etymol: Latin "conferre", "to compare".

All terms and definitions come from the Glossary of Geology, 5th Edition Revised.
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