The NYESTA organization has created two awards to be distributed at the annual geologic field conference each year. The recipients of these awards will be determined by a vote of the NYESTA executive board prior to the summer geologic field conference. If no qualified candidates are nominated the award may be skipped for a year.

NYESTA Distinguished Service to Earth Science Education Award

This award is to honor an outstanding professional who has provided exemplary service to Earth Science Education throughout New York State. These individuals may be retired teachers, active teachers, college faculty and staff, professionals in museums or programs that aid Earth Science or anyone whose actions advance the causes of Earth Science education in New York State.

NYESTA Distinguished Earth Science Teacher Award

This award is to honor an active Earth Science Teacher in a pubic or private secondary school in New York State. Recipients need to have 5 or more years of teaching experience in New York schools.

The candidates will be judged on information submitted with the application. Strong candidates will have outstanding results with their students. Participation and leadership in professional organizations will be considered as evidence of commitment to Earth Science Teaching. Teachers who work in the geographic area of the field conference are encouraged to apply for this award.

Nominations for these awards

Any NYESTA member in good standing can submit a nomination for either award to the executive board by April 30th for the following year’s conference. Candidates can self nominate or be nominated by others. If no nominations are received, the executive board can seek nominations for qualified candidates.

Any questions about these awards should be submitted to the president of NYESTA at nyestapresident@gmail.com.

Distinguished Teacher Nominations

Distinguished Service Nominations